Beach Cleanup Captains

Beach and Zone Captains

The one-day spring and fall beach cleanups are organized on the ground by volunteer Zone Captains and Beach Captains. The Oregon Coast is delineated into 14 zones and each zone is led by one or more local Zone Captains who organize waste disposal and multiple sites.  Zone Captains recruit volunteer Beach Captains who staff up to 50 registration sites up and down the coast on the day of the beach cleanup. Zone Captains, and the Beach Captains they recruit to staff registration sites, are at the core of the success of every Beach Cleanup.

Zone Captains

Zone Captains are local volunteers, many of whom have been leading beach cleanups for several years. Coral Cook has been leading the Seaside Cleanup since the very first fall beach cleanup in 1984!  Many of our Zone Captains represent the Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept., U.S. Forest Service or the Surfrider Foundation. Zone Captains work behind the scenes with SOLVE staff to:
  • Work with Local Coast Haulers to arrange garbage hauling and recycling
  • Recruit and train one to two Beach Captains for each registration site
  • Order supplies
  • Solicit donations for snacks and plan post-event celebrations
  • Spread the word through distributing posters and press releases locally


Beach Captains

Beach Captains head up a registration site and are the faces of SOLVE on beach cleanup day.  Beach Captains work before and after the event to:
  • Set up registration table(s) and site signage 
  • Welcome volunteers as they arrive.  
  • Lead a safety orientation and manage waivers
  • Hand out gloves, bags and steer volunteers toward areas that need extra attention
  • Tally results
  • Assist Zone Captains
Contact us if you would like to serve as a Beach Captain.

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